Sunday, September 22, 2013


Internet and Video Game Solutions

Three hour parent training session

Is your child/teen’s life controlled by the internet and electronic entertainment?

Is your child/teen showing signs of addiction to video gaming, the internet, texting, email, or YouTube?

Signs of Internet and Electronic Entertainment Addiction

1.       Does your child/teen dedicate the vast majority of his recreational time to the internet and electronic entertainment?

2.       Does your child/teen organize his schedule around specific internet events, gaming, or TV shows?

3.       Are your child/teen’s grades slipping? Is she failing to complete homework or hand in assignments?

4.       Does your child/teen refuse to leave the house because of his preoccupation with a particular video game or internet activity?

5.       Does your child/teen talk compulsively about electronic entertainment, including monologues about the minute details of a game or show?

6.       Does your child/teen avoid any type of physical activity in favor of sitting in front of a video/computer monitor ?

7.       Does your child/teen argue and complain whenever he is asked to turn off the computer, TV, or gaming console?

8.       Does your child/teen spend every weekend alone, playing video games, surfing the internet and watching television?

9.       Does your child/teen complain that all activities are boring and useless, except for the internet and electronic entertainment?

10.    Does your child/teen confuse internet acquaintances with true friends?

11.    Does your child/teen lack awareness of the amount of time he spends on electronic entertainment?

What Can You Do To Free Your Child/Teen From the Internet and Electronic Entertainment Addiction?

Attend a 3 hour parent training session

This session will teach you to:

Understand how the internet and video gaming can damage healthy brain development

Accurately measure your child/teen’s degree of dependence on video gaming, internet surfing, social media sites, texting, Youtube.

Accurately determine the affect of internet and video gaming  on your child/teen’s emotional, cognitive, and physical health.

Establish new boundaries and limits on the amount of time devoted to internet activities and electronic entertainment.

Teach your child/teen how to cope with the emotions that trigger compulsive use of technology.

Help your child/teen develop interests in interactive activities and outdoor activities (as an alternative to indoor/solitary activities).

Help your child/teen develop a social network of like-minded peers in order to decrease social isolation

Contact Christopher Mulligan LCSW for more information.

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