Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ten to Seventeen Years Olds Getting Addicted to Cyber Porn

Shocking facts have come up in the study of addiction of pornography in children. 
According to the studies, children of age group 10-17 years are addicted to online
pornography. In-fact, approximately one-third children are exchanging
their nude pictures. The startling fact is that boys start searching for porn material 
at the age of 10.

Earlier, video and DVD’s were the source of porn, but now, in this tech savvy
world, porn is easily available on the internet. According to the studies
 in Montreal University, researchers have come across the fact that
 internet websites provide with 90% of porn material and only
 10% is shared by video stores.

As per Gizmodo, a technological blog, currently, there are thousand
of websites with porn material. Such websites are 12% of the total websites.
 One can reach the porn sites by using some specific keywords for them.
Studies from Montreal University state that boys start searching
for pornography at the age of 10.

 New Hampshire University conducted
a survey on children of age group 10-17 years. According to the survey,
 42% of children committed that they have watched online porn
in the past year where as 66% of them said that they don’t really need it.
The habit of making porn themselves is increasing in the youngsters.
A study by medical branch of Texas University stated that 30% of
American youngsters are exchanging nude pictures by e-mail and multimedia services.