Saturday, January 1, 2011

Parents Alarmed by Teen Ranking on Facebook

In an article written by Christine Hager of CBS Boston (12/9/10) local middle school girls are posting photos of themselves to be ranked by peers.

They tween and teens are generally using a 1 to 5  scale where kids vote on pictures posted, such as who is the "hottest" and "funniest." The ranking sites are called "Facebook's Finest." There are all kinds of problems with a public ranking system, not the least of which are girls competing to present the most sexually provocative photo or posting a photos of a student at school and then creating a "low score" as a form of bullying and humiliation.

Parents really need to get on Facebook and check out what's going on -- even though tweens and teens may object.  Without any adult supervision it seems that girls in middle and high school are gravitating to social rankings and photo posting that could be dangerous to themselves and others.

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