Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cybersex: The Great Accelerator

Patrick Carnes, perhaps the world's leading authority on sex addiction, refers to cyber sex as the "great accelerator" of sexually compulsive behavior in his book Facing The Shadow. Carnes states that cybersex is "transforming our sexuality" and believes that cybersex has the capacity to go "beyond our biological limits."

Carnes says that "no partner can compete with the internet." Sex online creates so many options and allows men and women to become involved in sexual behavior that they otherwise would never have explored  -- in a way that is strictly about their own needs and fantasies (not connected to a partner).
Carnes writes: " Online, you can go back and explore that which you always wondered about. So it is with all forms of sexual expression that is strange, forbidden, or beyond reach."

Carnes also states sexual addiction, using cybersex, can escalate quickly and escalates to behavior that the "addict has never done before or maybe never new existed."

Carnes also informs his reader that "cybersex is now the number one profit center on the internet" and is "the number one activity for kids while they do their homework."

For any parent who is wondering about the potential down side of internet porn for teens, it is important to realize that the scope and intensity of the images can quickly lead to compulsive behavior -- that a little time viewing porn here and there can create a long term pattern of impulsive-compulsive behavior the is very difficult to change. For more information please feel free to contact me at 310/287-1640 or at

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