Monday, August 19, 2013

Try Our Digital Diet Today!

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1)              Limit recreational technology use (screen time) to two hours per day.
2)              As a family, spend one hour per day, one day per week, and four days per month completely “unplugged” from all forms of technology.
3)              Institute a “tech curfew:” no recreational use of technology after 9:00pm.
4)              Keep all forms of technology out of bedrooms at all times.
5)              Turn off smart phones at 10:00pm for teens (no texting, surfing, etc.)
6)              Collect all tech gadgets after curfew and have them “sleep” in the parent’s bedroom (plug in to a communal power bar).
7)              Take family “field trips” at least once per week (parks, food, beach, museum, hiking, movies).
8)              Exercise as a family: biking, hiking, swimming, treadmill, sports, boogie boarding, bowling).
9)              Do not have conversations or meals with any tech devise in hand (eyes “up” and focused on your conversation partner).
10)         Structure your “tech” day: set specific times for emailing, Facebook, chat rooms, eBay, research, etc.

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