Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The First Teen Cyber Pornography Workbook

Christopher Mulligan LCSW, founder and clinical director of The Cyber Addiction Recovery Center in Los Angeles, is very pleased to announce the first treatment program in Los Angeles specifically designed to address adolescent addiction to online pornography.

This treatment program uses the first clinical workbook created that addresses the unique psychological, social, and sexual characteristics of teens that are addicted to online pornography.

The workbook combines group, individual, and family therapy in a 16 week treatment format. The workbook was written for a teen audience and is based on empirically validated psychological techniques, leading-edge research on the treatment of pornography addiction, and a decade of effective work with teens with sexual disorders, including pornography addiction.

How to Recover from Cyber Pornography Addiction: The Teen Cyber Pornography Workbook was developed by Christopher Mulligan, a professor and therapist, who specializes in treating adults and teens addicted to online pornography.

How to Recover from Cyber Pornography Addiction: The Teen Cyber Pornography Workbook is the first workbook written for a teen audience. This book provides the teen cyber pornography addict with the information and the tools needed to achieve lasting sobriety.

Until now, virtually all books written on the subject of online pornography addiction have been written for adults facing addiction and mental health professionals treating adults. Recognizing that teens needed their own treatment manual, Christopher developed an interactive and engaging treatment process that allows teens to fully participate in their own recovery from online pornography addiction.

This workbook speaks the language of teens and uses state-of-the-art research and clinical techniques to address online pornography addiction and the underlying psychological problems that fuel online pornography addiction. This workbook covers how to define addiction, how the pornography industry creates products that stimulate addiction and, most importantly, how teens can take control of their lives and overcome pornography addiction and build a meaningful and healthy off-line life

The story of why this workbook was created

Every week Christopher receives email from parents and teens desperate to find help for online pornography addiction. The messages come from all over the world – showing this is not an isolated problem. Parents write that they have tried to set limits on access to online pornography, but for one reason or another nothing they have tried resulted in positive change. They are often frustrated, stressed, scared, angry, and depressed. They have little energy left and often want to give up. They feel like they have completely lost control of their teen and that their situation is hopeless.

The messages received from teens ask for help because they have come to realize that cyber pornography has taken over all parts of their life. They can see that their family relationships, social relationships, academic achievement, and physical health have been negatively affected by their relationship to cyber pornography.

Teens say that they want to stop their compulsive behavior, but don't know where to turn or know what type of help is available. Many of these teens began viewing pornography on a purely recreational basis and then quickly escalated in to spending 30 to 40 hours a week searching for images and videos, resulting in pornography taking over virtually all of their off-line responsibilities and priorities.

In an effort to help parents and teens, Christopher read just about every book written on pornography addiction. Through his research he found that there wasn’t a resource that offered clear, comprehensive, and practical suggestions for helping teens overcome pornography addiction – much less a workbook that was written specifically for a teen audience! Christopher’s workbook was written to fill this void. 

Who can use Christopher Mulligan’s workbooks?

How to Recover from Cyber Pornography Addiction: The Teen Cyber Pornography Workbook is written for teens, ages 13 to 18, who are showing symptoms consistent with addiction to pornography. This workbook is intended to be used under the supervision of a mental health professional, trained in adolescent sexual behavior and technology addiction.

Christopher Mulligan and the staff at the Cyber Addiction Recovery Center recognize there is an urgent need to offer clinical programs created specifically to meet the ever-increasing numbers of teens struggling with cyber pornography addiction.

Cyber pornography facts
92% of male teens and 62% of female teens have been exposed to online pornography before the age of 18.

The average age of first exposure is 11 years old.

78% of teens described their first exposure to pornography as negative.

10% to 15% of teens report symptoms identical to adults who self-report as cyber pornography addicts.

20% of teens have seen pornography that combines violence and sex.

15% of teens report that they have viewed child pornography.

70% of teens say they watch porn for the purpose of achieving sexual excitement/stimulation.

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