Monday, June 3, 2013

Cyber Addiction Recovery Center
Christopher Mulligan LCSW

Get Unplugged!

Outdoor-Recreational Activities for “Tech” Dependent/Addicted Kids and Teens

The Cyber Addiction Recovery Center is offering a therapeutic program designed to help children and teens break the destructive cycle of compulsive internet and video gaming use. Children and teens will participate in a variety of outdoor activities that will improve physical conditioning, develop new recreational skills, and connect members to our natural surroundings. Rather than focus strictly on decreasing or restricting access to technology our program is intended to promote motivation to live a healthy and balanced life.  

In order to create new and adaptive behaviors “tech” dependent/addicted children and teens must get “unplugged” from their home environment. Participating in outdoor recreational activities is the most effective way to help technology dependent/addicted children and teens develop an awareness of how technology is limiting the quality of their lives.

By engaging in recreational activities that involve outdoor exercise, physical competence and teamwork children and teens will develop social skills, problem solving skills as well an expanded range of recreational interest. By creating these changes group members will learn the benefits of “plugging in” to a non-technological dependent life style.


Activity 1: Day Hike
Activity 2: Bike Ride
Activity 3: Ocean swimming/boogie boarding
Activity 4: Park Day (Capture the flag/kick ball/hand ball)
Activity 5: Park Day (Relay races/Tag medley)
Activity 6: Park Day (Water fun – water balloons, water guns, etc.)
Activity 7: Park Day (Nerf Base Ball/Nerf football)
Activity 8: Introduction to core strength (Balance ball, free weights, stretching, etc.)

This program meets for 12 Saturdays between 12pm and 4pm at different locations across the Westside of Los Angeles.

For more information, contact Christopher Mulligan LCSW at 855-735-HELP or email

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