Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer Program: "Get Unplugged"

“Get Unplugged!”

Wilderness Adventures for “Tech” Dependent-Addicted Kids and Teens

Christopher Mulligan LCSW is offering therapeutic activities in our local-natural surroundings designed to help children and teens break the destructive cycle of compulsive internet use and video gaming. Children/teens will participate in outdoor activities that are organized to develop self-awareness, empathy, physical skills, communication skills, respect, trust in self and others, self-regulation skills, and psychological and physical courage.

In order to create new and adaptive behaviors “tech” dependent/addicted children and teens must get “unplugged” from their home environment. Participating in outdoor activities is one of the most effective ways to create accurate self- awareness of the negative consequences of compulsive use of technology and develop social motivation, social skills, and new recreational interests.

Sample of Adventures:
Adventure 1: Day Hike
Adventure 2: Bike riding
Adventure 3: Pool and Beach Swimming
Adventure 4: Rock climbing
Adventure 5: Kayaking
Adventure 6: Surfing/boogie boarding
Adventure 7: Roller blading/Scooter riding
Adventure 8: Park day (relay races and capture the flag)

Adventure Groups will meet one day per week from 9am to 4pm (your choice of Wednesday/Friday/Saturday).
For more information, contact Christopher Mulligan LCSW at 855-735-4357 or email

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