Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here is chapter 2 from my new teen video game addiction workbook

Chapter 2: Why are video games addictive?

Did you know the brains of addicted video gamers look similar to the brains of drug addicts -- as both have enlarged “reward centers”? The reward center in your brains releases a "feel good" chemical called dopamine. Gaming causes dopamine production in the brain to increase dramatically - creating a drug like high.

Developing an addiction to gaming also happens because the process of gaming is similar to gambling. All gamers, no matter how skilled, go through a process of winning and losing --which is just like playing a slot machine in Vegas! This lose/win/lose/win dynamic -- called an intermittent reward system --  keeps gamers highly motivated to play.
So, the combination of the gambling like nature of gaming and the drug-like high produced by dopamine can escalate quickly into marathon gaming sessions and the eventual loss of interest and off-line activities and experiences.
How do you feel when you are gaming? Circle all the feelings that apply to your gaming experience:
Excited/Creative/Challenged/Alert/Happy/Energized/Social/Motivated Frustrated/Angry/Sad/Disappointed/Tired/Confused/Irritable/Anxious

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