Friday, March 9, 2012

Molested By The Internet?

I am currently writing forensic reports for a 22 year old and 24 year old -- both arrested on felony charges for possession of child pornography. In both cases these young men began viewing porn on the internet in grade school and then graduated to hard core child porn by middle school. Neither is sexually attracted to children and neither has ever been arrested for any reason -- except for child porn.

Their sexual arousal template was so corrupted by traumatic exposure to porn that they never had a chance at healthy sexual development. Law enforcement wants to ring these traumatized kids up and send them to jail -- along with sex registration status! What are we going to do with a tidal wave of kids/young adults who were molested by cyber porn? Jail?

We need a rational and constructive approach that deals with prevention and treatment! I hope my report will help educate the DA in this case to look at treatment as the most reasonable and viable option for addressing public safety. I will keep you posted on how these two cases turn out.

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