Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Guide to Healthy Sex for Teen Cyber Porn Addicts

Here is a review from

Guide to Getting It On!

The Guide To Getting It On! has won five awards and has
 been translated into 12 foreign languages. It has sold
 hundreds of thousands of copies from the dorms of 
UC San Diego to thebedrooms of Tripoli. 

Some people say The Guide is the best
how-to book on sex ever written--we say it's the most fun to
 read. It is smart enough to be used in sex education courses, 
but is also a favorite at stores that sell the kind of sex toys 
that will land you in the slammer in Mississippi, 
Alabama and Texas. 

Schools even use it to train doctors. 
The Guide covers a full range of topics from romance, 
necking and losing your virginity, to things we can't even
mention here.(less)

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