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Responding to Bullying

How you and your entire school community respond to bullying makes a huge difference in both the moment the bullying occurs and preventing bullying in the future.

How Bullying Affects a School

Bullying negatively affects the atmosphere of the school and disrupts the learning environment:
  • Student achievement suffers among both the students who are bullied and those who engage in bullying. Students who bully and students who are bullied by others are more likely to skip and/or drop out of school.
  • Teacher morale declines amid harmful social dynamics in the classroom that interfere with discipline and learning.
  • Adult-student relationships suffer.  Students who witness bullying can become fearful and develop the belief that the adults are not in control or are uncaring.
  • Parent confidence and trust in the school erodes when students experience bullying or are accused of bullying others.

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