Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New App To Track Teen Online Activity

New App Allows Parents Detailed View of Their Child’s Sex-Related Facebook Activity

A new computer monitoring tool is allowing parents to view more details than ever when it comes to their children’s Facebook accounts. In some cases, parents are finding shocking sex-related content.
The technology is part of EyeGuardian app, a program developed by ImageVision, based in Texas. One employee shared her story in a local KDAF-TV 33 News report, saying that she was stunned to see her teens’ conversations in detail, especially the ones that revealed what the monitoring system deemed "suspicious."
EyeGuardian can bypass a person’s privacy rules on Facebook and search for sexually themed words, pictures and more, using specialized technology. It can place conversations involving these subjects into a one-page document a parent can view.
An addition to the app will be available soon, allowing parents to receive an alert when something may require attention, straight to a parent’s mobile phone.
The technology may also help alert parents to conversations that involve bullying or sexting, and can also be used by law enforcement to view Facebook conversations. Parents must first log in to EyeGuardian to allow police to access a child’s conversations.
To install EyeGuardian on Facebook, the person holding the account has to give their permission. Developers of EyeGuardian hope the software will not only prevent teens from becoming involved in cybersex activities, but will get parents talking with their children about the dangers of sexting and cybersex.

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