Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kimberly Young's Cybersexual Addiction Index

Are you addicted to cybersex? Take this quiz
When does dabbling in cybersex become a destructive addiction? Psychologist Kimberly Young has created the Cybersexual Addiction Index to help people determine whether they've crossed the line to an unhealthy dependency.
Select the response that best fits the frequency of behavior described. 0 = not applicable; 1 = rarely; 2 = occasionally; 3 = frequently; 4 = often; 5 = always.
1 How often do you neglect other responsibilities to spend more time having cybersex?
2 How often do you prefer cybersex to sexual intimacy with your partner?
3 How often do you spend significant amounts of time in chat rooms and private messaging with the sole purpose of finding cybersex?
4 How often do others in your life complain about the amount of time you spend online?
5 How often does your job performance or productivity suffer because of cybersex activities at work?
6 How often do you become defensive or secretive when anyone asks what you do online?
7 How often do you become anxious, nervous or upset when you are unable to access sexually oriented Web sites?
8 How often do you fear that life without cybersex would be boring, empty and joyless?
9 How often do you masturbate during cybersex?
10 How often do you snap, yell or act annoyed if someone bothers you while you are online?
11 How often do you lose sleep because of late-night log-ins having cybersex?
12 How often do you feel pre occupied with cybersex when off line and/or fantasize about having cybersex?
13 How often do you bookmark or subscribe to sexually oriented Web sites?
14 How often do you use cybersex as a reward for accomplishing something (e.g., stressful day, end of a task)?
15 How often do you use anonymous communication to engage in sexual fantasies not typically carried out in real life?
16 How often do you anticipate your next online session with the expectation that you will find sexual arousal or gratification?
17 How often do you hide your online sexual interactions from your significant other?
18 How often do you move from cybersex to phone sex (or even real-life meetings)?
19 How often do you feel guilty or shameful after cybersex?
20 How often do you engage in deceptive or deviant online sexual behavior?
Scoring: Add the numbers for each response to obtain a final score. The higher the score, the greater the level of addiction:
None: 0-30 points
Mild: 31-49 points
Moderate: 50-79 points
Severe: 80-100 points

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