Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prevent Cyber Addiction: Rules for Internet Use from the Organization Enough is Enough

Implement both safety rules and software tools to protect children online. Focus on the positives of Internet use while teaching children about the dangers and how to make wise choices online.
Establish an ongoing dialogue and keep lines of communication open.
Supervise use of all Internet-enabled devices.
Know your child’s online activities and friends.
Regularly check the online communities your children use, such as social networking and gaming sites, to see what information they are posting.
Supervise the photos and videos your kids post and send online.
Discourage the use of webcams and mobile video devices.
Teach your children how to protect personal information posted online and to follow the same rules with respect to the personal information of others.
Be sure your children use privacy settings.
Instruct your children to avoid meeting face-to-face with someone they only know online or through their mobile device.
Teach your children how to respond to cyberbullies.
Establish an agreement with your children about Internet use at home and outside of the home (see Rules ’N Tools® Youth Pledge).
Set age-appropriate filters.
Consider using monitoring software, especially if you sense your child is at risk.
Periodically check your child’s online activity by viewing your browser’s history.
Set time limits and consider using time-limiting software.
Disallow access to chat rooms and only allow live audio chat with extreme caution.
Limit your child’s instant messaging (IM) contacts to a parent-approved buddy list.
Use safe search engines. Set up the family’s cyber-security protections.
Utilize parental controls on your child’s mobile phone and other mobile devices.
Parental controls should be utilized on all Internet-enabled devices (desktops, laptops; and gaming, mobile, and music devices). However, these resources are not a substitute for parental supervision.

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