Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Berkman Center for Internet and Society

I have been reading multiple studies and position papers from Harvard's Berkman's Center for Internet and Society. For those of you who have children and teens there are several papers that can be downloaded on a variety of topics related to the role and impact of media within contemporary society. One of the truly fascinating "facts" related in different papers is the positive impact of social media and digital media on learning and creativity.

There is also a paper on "sexting" and child pornography -- which is very interesting as it discusses current laws on child pornography and then relates how "sexting" does and does not fit within current laws. This is a very important topic for all parents who have given a teen a smart phone -- as any image that is sent that has sexual content (a semi nude photo from a girlfriend to her boyfriend or vice versa) can be categorized as the transmission of child porn and the teens involved are subject to state and federal prosecution.

This is a great resource! Check it out and send me a post about your impressions.

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