Thursday, December 9, 2010

Helping Teens With Cyber Addiction

Help for cyber and video dependence/addiction

Is your child/teen’s life controlled by electronic entertainment and electronic communication?
Is your child/teen progressing towards addiction to gaming, surfing the internet, YouTube, texting?

Signs of Electronic Entertainment Addiction

1.      Does your child/teen dedicate the vast majority (or all) of his recreational time to electronic entertainment? Are his grades and health suffering?

2.      Does your child/teen spend multiple hours per day texting, tweeting,  and/or posting on Facebook?

3.      Does your child/teen organize his schedule around specific television shows and/or internet events?

4.      Does your child/teen refuse to leave the house because of his preoccupation with a video game, posting on Facebook, surfing the net?

5.      Does your child/teen talk compulsively about electronic entertainment, including monologues about the minute details of a video game?

6.      Does your child/teen shun any type of physical recreation in favor of sitting in front of a computer or television monitor?

7.      Does your child/teen argue and complain whenever he is asked to turn off a video game system or the computer?

8.      Does your child/teen say he has friends at school, but spends every weekend alone, playing video games, surfing the internet, Facebooking?

9.      Does your child/teen complain that all activities are boring and useless, except for electronic entertainment?

10.  Does your child/teen confuse internet acquaintances with true friends?

11.  Does your child/teen lack any reasonable awareness of the amount of time he spends on electronic entertainment?

12.  Is you child/teen losing interest in school? Are grades slipping? Is your child becoming increasingly isolated?

What can parents do to free their child/teen from dependence on electronic entertainment?

Enroll your child/teen in an eight week group that focuses on the development of skills needed to END dependence on video games, internet surfing, YouTube, texting, and Facebook.

Goals of group

Developing self-awareness related to the amount of time spent on  electronic entertainment and communication.

Developing self-awareness of the social, psychological, and physical consequences of compulsive gaming, texting, surfing the net, Youtube.

Learning how to cope with boredom without resorting to electronic entertainment and communication.

Learning how to develop recreational alternatives to electronic entertainment (hobbies)

Learning how to cope with powerful emotions without resorting to video games, surfing the net, texting/posting.

Developing interest in interactive outdoor play and outdoor activities (as an alternative to indoor/solitary activities).

Developing a true social network of like-minded peers for recreation and support.

Groups meet after school and on weekends. Groups meet 1 time per week for 1.5 hours for a period of 8 weeks
Contact Christopher Mulligan LCSW for more information.

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